WELCOME to Coaching Tips 4 Clergy!

I’m Mark E. Hoelter, an ordained Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister and also a certified Life Coach. I’ve successfully served five congregations, the last in Hillsboro, Oregon, have directed a major inter-religious dialogue program in Washington, DC. I am now doing community ministry, an option within UU, the shape of which is life coaching. You’ll find more details if you want them on the “About Me” page.

I intend this blog to be a help to you in your parish, synagogue, sangha, educational or community “ministry,” and for you personally. It will give you very useable tools, enlightening perspectives, and a new way to approach an important part of work you do – the pastoral care part. It’s even possible that using those tools will transform your relationship to the members and students of your “congregations.” And I’m confident you’ll find in this blog plenty that will also be helpful to you yourself, personally and professionally.

Please take some time to explore the pages of this blogsite. And I hope you’ll sign up via email to receive notices of future blog posts. Pretty much each week I’ll give you a coaching tip on Monday, then I’ll follow that up with an exercise or a practice you can do to augment the coaching tip through the week, and on occasion I may follow up with a more personal reflective post, on Friday.

In addition to signing up, I welcome your comments, questions, and any sharing of situations you are dealing with that cause you to wonder, “Okay, how do I apply coaching skills to this?” I’ll sometimes post those comments, questions, or sharings (after getting your permission) that are especially pertinent and lead toward further clarification. All blogs are “works-in-progress,” this one, too. So I’ll also appreciate your comments about the blog itself, to help me improve it. Or, in the words of a former mayor of NYC, “How’m I doin’?”

By the way, I’m intentionally punning when I call it “coaching tips.” On the one hand I’m giving you genuine, solid tips on how to coach someone as part of your pastoral care. What I’m giving you is also “tip of the iceberg” coaching substance, if you will. If you like these tips and find them as helpful and transforming as I think you will, I assure you there’s even more substance “under the surface of the water.”

You might even at some point want to take a “fundamentals training” from my coach training school – Coaches Training Institute – or from one of the other excellent coach training schools. At some point you might even want to get certified in coaching.

(If you are one of my UU colleagues, by all means sign up for the coaching the UU Ministers Association is offering. I really think you’ll be glad you did. Transparency: I’ve also completed the fundamentals of the UUMA training and am one of the UUMA clergy coaches.)


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  1. Great new blog, Mark! As a trained life/transitions coach myself, I can testify how much the coaching approach has become an asset to my ministry. Thank YOU for being there, and for offering yourself and your gifts. Maureen Killoran, Accredited interim Minister currently serving at River Road UU Congregation in Bethesda, MD.

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